Sharon Tanner


My current work is a direct result of being in Italy when 911 occurred. I was there four days of a month-long stay when the disaster hit. Not being able to go home and upon the advice of the Italian government that Americans should keep a “low profile,” I took my pen and sketchbook everywhere I went instead of a camera and tried to blend into the shadows of places I visited and absorb everything I could with my sketches.

Because of the intensity of the situation, my vision became highly alert and I would catch fragments of everything in sight around me. It felt as if these fragments were flying at me from all directions. These fragmented visions are what I am trying to represent with the watercolor sections of the work.

I begin with a collage of torn shapes and then paint the shapes with watercolor. When I am satisfied with that part of the work, I sketch from life over the watercolor.

I have always been attracted to line in artwork. The sensitivity or boldness of a line draws me in and I want to look beyond the line. I want to see into the surface of the art and into the space between the lines. This is what I am thinking when I make a line on a surface.



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