Roya Adjory

I was born in the city of Rezayieh, former name for Urumieh, in Iran. This is the Turkish region of Iran that is a melting pot of many religious and cultural heritages. My family, being aware of the upcoming revolution, sent me to the USA to attend University.

I attained my Bachelors of Arts degree from Sacramento State University and began a process of soul searching that resulted in much traveling for many years. Having had a variety of experiences, living in many cultures, ignited my passion for the art making process.

I formally began painting 24 years ago and showing my work in various venues. I have been lucky enough to be living in Topanga California which has allowed me access into an already existing and ever growing artist community.

I have shown my work throughout Los Angeles including LACMA Wet paint project, Beverly Hills; Stephanie’s Gallery, La Canada; Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica; Phantom gallery, Los Angeles; Art For All People, Malibu; Arm Gallery, Glendale; Topanga Canyon Gallery Open Artists Studio since year 2005; Loyola Mary Mount University at the Immersive Education Conference; International Plein Air Art Residency, Oswiecim Poland, Honorary mention and a show at Ace Gallery, Hud gallery, Ventura Ca.

I am mostly interested in creating art that is Transformative and Transcendental in its theme and content. I define these types of art works as any performing or visual art that evokes a higher state of consciousness. It seems to me once one touch upon such a state, there arises a greater understanding of oneself, humanity, nature, the cosmos and their interdependence.
Hope you enjoy viewing them.