Rea Nagel

I paint what I find exciting, be it a mountain, a tree, a group of houses, a flower or whatever.  I love color and shape.  Everything I paint comes from viewing it and an emotional response to whatever I am looking at.
Most of my paintings are watercolor, but I also mix the use  of acrylics, collage, and pastels.  Many of my paintings are a combination of all these media, whatever gets my vision across to the viewer.  Blending colors and enjoying expressing my emotions on paper dominate my  subjects. Anything I can see may inspire me and then I interpret them on paper.
I love to draw and   have many, many  sketch books filled with the things I have seen from the passenger seat of the car.  I usually use my sketches as the basis of a painting.   I enjoy blending colors and believe that nothing is a solid tube color and mix my colors on the paper to get the wanted results.  Most of my paintings have several versions of the same scene done until I decide on the composition.  To me composition and values are the what makes a painting worth looking at.

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