Patrick Ramsey

My art is derived from my life’s journey informing what my eyes see and creating a narrative. The camera is very much like my eyes, in that it records without interpretation a two – dimensional reality. The goal of my craft is to try to elevate the simple recording of a person, place, object, or moment in time into that narrative. My dark room is the final stage where I breathe nuance and luminosity into the image. When the entire process works I have created an image which moves me.
The most successful pieces suggest a story, an emotion, a mood, or all three. I catch people in the everyday “act of being” – being who they are, doing what they are doing, unaware of observation. Other images of people centers on a connection with them; moments where they share something of themselves.
I also explore “possibilities”; what is behind that door, through this passageway, in that window, up or down those stairs, around that corner? Lastly, the intersection of light, colors, and shapes draws me, whether organic or man-made. Although often beautiful, it’s the feeling it generates which asks me to capture it.
The common thread across all my work is the attempt to capture unique, emotional moments in time.
Patrick has been photographing with this vision since the 1960’s in Vietnam. His photographic career includes working in a technical wet darkroom and as a commercial stock photographer. He has focused on fine art photography for the last 15 years. He is a resident of Topanga, California.