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Kolle Kahle Riggs


Kolle Kahle Riggs is a mixed media artist that makes small sculptures, installations, wearable art, as well as traditional jewelry.  She received her BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts from California College of the Arts, and her MFA, also in Jewelry and Metals, from Kansas State University.  She is also a lifelong student of natural history and science.  Much of her work explores themes such as, humanity’s impact and relationship on/with the natural world, and her anxiety about the world completely filling up with brightly colored shiny plastic.  She is an avid collector, and often features items from her collections in her work.  She collects, rocks, beach plastics, styrofoam, fossils, lichens, bones, feathers, dung beetles etc.  Kolle’s work incorporates traditional metal-smithing fabrication and finishing techniques as well as woodworking and the use of resins and other plastics.
She is a current Topanga resident who enjoys exploring the nearby trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.  She also enjoys picking up shiny objects off the ground in hopes that it will be gold, and sorting sand.

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