Jonna Gill


Artist Statement for TCG

I am an artist who works in several different mediums as I find it difficult to place myself within the boundaries of a single medium or style. I believe that my creativity is streamed from a higher source and I use multiple mediums to allow for the expression of this constant force. I feel compelled to create, as creating to me is akin to breathing. I must create in order to truly live.
My fascination with art came forth in my late teens. I would spend hours in my room experimenting with acrylic and watercolor paints, pastels, clay and inks upon canvas and art papers. My interest in photography as an art medium bloomed when I received my first Canon film camera, as a hand-me-down from my brother. I would spend hours alone with my camera, photographing the nature that surrounded my home. Shortly thereafter, I was attracted to the elements of the earth, metals and gemstones, and how metal was shaped and formed. That led me to satisfying my curiosity at fine art schools in New York City: the Parsons School of Design, The Craft Students League of New York and the Fashion Institute of Technology. Today you can find my acrylic work, fine art photography and jewelry-metalsmithing work in private homes and on various websites. I share my jewelry and mixed media work at the Topanga Canyon Gallery.

Jonna Gill
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