Charisse Abellana


Charisse Abellana’s Biography

I can work with all kinds of medium…pastels, watercolor, charcoal, ink on paper, mixed media. However, I am infatuated with oil! When I first used it, I knew oil on canvas is my medium of choice. I love the fluidity and the surprise of painting wet on wet. By painting wet on wet, there is that very thrilling element of surprise, and the layers and layers of paint make it more exhilarating. I love painting the sides of the thick canvas because viewing it from the side is also art in itself. Once I am done, the painting is a finished piece of art, with or without a frame.

I was trained to mix my own colors, thanks to my mentor. While training to do so, it took a while for me to get it. I would go home crying because “I could not get it.” Then one day, my patience, persistence and practice paid off. By mixing my own colors, I can put on canvas the beauty of the colors only I could imagine and know in my mind. I also knew from the time I picked up a palette knife that I am a palette knife artist. And I have always been. Palette knife paintings are thick, bold, unexpected, almost irreverent in its randomness. But there is always that moment of emotional upheavals every time I put a stroke. The paint thus becomes a sculptural element on canvas.

I am a contemporary still life and landscape artist. I will soon be painting contemporary cityscapes starting with a body of work, “Iconic LA”. I have painted since 2002. I find myself so blessed as to have shown in several prestigious galleries. I was one of the first artists to be featured at the Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills. I had several one woman shows at “The Women’s Club of Hollywood”, NOHO Gallery at artsy and hip North Hollywood and Art Peace at Burbank. I was continually represented by Topanga Canyon Gallery for years and showed numerous times at “The Brewery”, the biggest art complex in Los Angeles. I have shown in quite a few interior designer venues including a show with British renowned architect, Sir David Chipperfield. I am so humbly blessed as to have my work hung in several homes all over the country and a few parts of the world. Although I took a sabbatical for two years after the death of my father, I am again in love… in love with painting, with art.


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