Kolle Kahle Riggs


Kolle Kahle Riggs is a mixed media artist that makes small sculptures, installations, wearable art, as well as traditional jewelry.  She received her BFA in Jewelry/Metal Arts from California College of the Arts, and her MFA, also in Jewelry and Metals, from Kansas State University.  She is also a lifelong student of natural history and science.  Much of her work explores themes such as, humanity’s impact and relationship on/with the natural world, and her anxiety about the world completely filling up with brightly colored shiny plastic.  She is an avid collector, and often features items from her collections in her work.  She collects, rocks, beach plastics, styrofoam, fossils, lichens, bones, feathers, dung beetles etc.  Kolle’s work incorporates traditional metal-smithing fabrication and finishing techniques as well as woodworking and the use of resins and other plastics.
She is a current Topanga resident who enjoys exploring the nearby trails in the Santa Monica Mountains.  She also enjoys picking up shiny objects off the ground in hopes that it will be gold, and sorting sand.


Kit Plumridge – Gallery

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Kit Plumridge


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Malibu artist Kit Plumridge, inspired by artists Ed Massey and Andy Goldsworthy.

Working in both Oils and Acrylics his mixed media work reflects the local surrounding area of Malibu, Topanga and Santa Monica. Seascapes and surf culture predominate the themes that are painted on canvas and wood panels.

As an avid surfer and sailor his love of the sea and beach precipitates the inspiration of his paintings. Continually striving to recognize unusual perspectives of the scenes that he paints, results in dynamic and fluid compositions.

Sculpting with driftwood and stone to create natural art installations and gardening with Bromeliads and Tilandsia airplants keeps him in tune with the earth and connected to his South African roots.

Using Cool Neon wire in his Pier Sign Series showcases a combination of painted surfaces incorporating lighting to create exciting art pieces.

Sailing is one of his recreational outlets and passions. These influences can be seen in his “Canvas on Canvas” series, where sail canvas clews are incorporated into art pieces that invoke the sense of sailing on the deep blue.

Kit Plumridge 310-230-0484 www.kitplumridge.com
Email : kitplumridge@mac.com


Moise Mendoza


Born and raised in Los Angeles, I graduated from Art Center College of Design with a degree in illustration. Although still practicing my illustration skills, painting has become my main focus. I started working in collage from 2012 and haven’t looked back. The exploration of the variety of textures and surfaces I can create and put together into my “landscapes” is of endless fascination to me. Although nature is my main inspiration, I try to push the forms found there and cut them up and remix them, so to speak, into something a little more stylized, abstracted to create new shapes.

Website : www.moises-mendoza.com

Email : moisesdraws@gmail.com


Patrick Ramsey


My art is derived from my life’s journey informing what my eyes see and creating a narrative. The camera is very much like my eyes, in that it records without interpretation a two – dimensional reality. The goal of my craft is to try to elevate the simple recording of a person, place, object, or moment in time into that narrative. My dark room is the final stage where I breathe nuance and luminosity into the image. When the entire process works I have created an image which moves me.
The most successful pieces suggest a story, an emotion, a mood, or all three. I catch people in the everyday “act of being” – being who they are, doing what they are doing, unaware of observation. Other images of people centers on a connection with them; moments where they share something of themselves.
I also explore “possibilities”; what is behind that door, through this passageway, in that window, up or down those stairs, around that corner? Lastly, the intersection of light, colors, and shapes draws me, whether organic or man-made. Although often beautiful, it’s the feeling it generates which asks me to capture it.
The common thread across all my work is the attempt to capture unique, emotional moments in time.
Patrick has been photographing with this vision since the 1960’s in Vietnam. His photographic career includes working in a technical wet darkroom and as a commercial stock photographer. He has focused on fine art photography for the last 15 years. He is a resident of Topanga, California.


Don Holtz


I love sharing with others the feeling of a moment in time that stopped me in my tracks.  Times that I’m stunned and awe-struck at what I’m looking at.  Photography allows me to communicate with other people in the best way I know so far.  It takes me all over the world and gives me the opportunity to see life through the eyes of other people.  People I’d probably never meet if I didn’t have a camera in my hand.  Also, it allows me long walks in the middle of nowhere with my dog.
And now for the boring technical stuff:
I shoot with high resolution digital cameras as well as large format film cameras.  I do all of my own printing in order to maintain the feeling and vision I had when making the photograph.  All prints are archival, and each image is printed on a paper that’s been specifically chosen to bring out the best in that photograph.

Website : http://www.donholtz.com/

Email : dholtzphoto@yahoo.com


Sari Scheer


“Growing up in a home where wine was always on the dinner table, I found myself drawn more to the bottles than the spirits. The uniqueness of each bottle, the vagaries in density of the bottle walls, and the shades of color and intriguing transparencies were, and still are, fascinating to me.

After amassing a significant number of wine bottles, and abandoning my goal of building a seventy foot long bottle fence, I decided to create and experiment with the bottles as a basis for functional art.  Years later with much practice and many failures, continuous study and abundant curiosity, I have developed my own processes and works.

Glass bottles have been used decoratively almost from the instant someone figured out how to control the heating of sand to form vessels (around 3500 B.C.).  I study the glass arts, use the skills developed by many artisans, and draw on those methods and forms to spawn new processes for my work.  By using wine bottle glass as my medium, I am making something – from another thing that has fulfilled its purpose.  Because each wine bottle has traveled on its own unique journey from a bottle maker to a bottler, to a seller and to a table, each piece of my work is informed by the singleness of each bottle”.



Website: UnWinedGlass.com

Email: Sari@unwinedglass.com


Charisse Abellana


Charisse Abellana’s Biography

I can work with all kinds of medium…pastels, watercolor, charcoal, ink on paper, mixed media. However, I am infatuated with oil! When I first used it, I knew oil on canvas is my medium of choice. I love the fluidity and the surprise of painting wet on wet. By painting wet on wet, there is that very thrilling element of surprise, and the layers and layers of paint make it more exhilarating. I love painting the sides of the thick canvas because viewing it from the side is also art in itself. Once I am done, the painting is a finished piece of art, with or without a frame.

I was trained to mix my own colors, thanks to my mentor. While training to do so, it took a while for me to get it. I would go home crying because “I could not get it.” Then one day, my patience, persistence and practice paid off. By mixing my own colors, I can put on canvas the beauty of the colors only I could imagine and know in my mind. I also knew from the time I picked up a palette knife that I am a palette knife artist. And I have always been. Palette knife paintings are thick, bold, unexpected, almost irreverent in its randomness. But there is always that moment of emotional upheavals every time I put a stroke. The paint thus becomes a sculptural element on canvas.

I am a contemporary still life and landscape artist. I will soon be painting contemporary cityscapes starting with a body of work, “Iconic LA”. I have painted since 2002. I find myself so blessed as to have shown in several prestigious galleries. I was one of the first artists to be featured at the Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills. I had several one woman shows at “The Women’s Club of Hollywood”, NOHO Gallery at artsy and hip North Hollywood and Art Peace at Burbank. I was continually represented by Topanga Canyon Gallery for years and showed numerous times at “The Brewery”, the biggest art complex in Los Angeles. I have shown in quite a few interior designer venues including a show with British renowned architect, Sir David Chipperfield. I am so humbly blessed as to have my work hung in several homes all over the country and a few parts of the world. Although I took a sabbatical for two years after the death of my father, I am again in love… in love with painting, with art.

Website: www.abellanaarts.com

(818) 447-6308




Zoe Topsfield



Color, depth, light – glass has unique properties that draw me to working with it. However, it is the relationship of ourselves with our environment and each other that informs my artistic path. So although my work may contain flowers, trees, and landscapes it is also inspired by pure emotional reflection. Glass may be two dimensional, smooth sculpted, multi-layered, but it can also be harsh, textured, even deliberately broken.

The glass is cut and worked in sheet and powdered form, and then goes through several firings in a glass kiln. The glass may also be hand blown in a hotshop, or worked in a torch. Sometimes I collaborate with other artists on sculptures that incorporate blacksmithing and metalwork. Glass is mostly impervious to the elements (especially here in California) and so my art may be as easily displayed outdoors in your garden art gallery, as indoors.

If you are interested in learning any of the techniques that I use with glass, classes are taught at The Glass Studio.

Website: theglassstudio.net


Things to do in Topanga Canyon


What to do in Topanga Canyon?

Looking for a quick escape from Los Angeles? Come visit Topanga Canyon located in the Santa Monica Mountains and get away from it all. Head down the PCH and turn right onto Topanga Canyon Blvd. It will take you 15 minutes if there’s not much traffic. You can also take Topanga Canyon Boulevard South from the highway 101.

The first thing you can do in Topanga Canyon is improve your driving skills by navigating the twists and turns of Topanga Canyon Blvd. Jim Morrison once said, “Keep your eyes on the road and your hand upon the wheel.” The road has many bicyclists and the occasional coyote so share the road. Put in some tunes, and enjoy the ride through the spectacular Santa Monica mountains.  If you’re really really, really lucky you might even see a mountain lion…but probably not.

The stress of city life and traffic is melting away as you zig zag up the canyon pass. You roll down your windows and inhale the fresh air. On either side of you is a green blur of oak and sycamore trees. You’ve emerged from the fog. Its June gloom no longer. The air has warmed up, the sunlight hits your face and a deep blue sky emerges. You are on your way…

The second thing you can do in Topanga Canyon is visit the Topanga Canyon Gallery. In about 4 miles from PCH you’ll come into “town”. Make a right at second stop light and turn into the Pine Tree Circle mall. The gallery is located in the strip.  Come on in. Don’t be shy. There are many beautiful and affordable paintings, sculptures, ceramic mugs, plates and jewelry to look at and purchase for your home. Its a feast for your eyes!

Topanga scenes, animals and spiritual motifs are often depicted by the local artists in their imagery.  For these artists experience is reflected in their art. But not all art in the gallery is representational. There are quite a few abstract and conceptual artists here. Their art begs you to take a closer look and ponder universal ideals, the meaning of art, and current trends in society. Delight in the mastery of their craft, the beauty, and the passion each artist has for his and her medium. It is a gift for all who enter.

Chat up the friendly person sitting behind the desk. He or she is one of the member artists of the gallery and can answer all or some of your art related questions, tell you some Topanga lore or maybe give you a great recommendation of what to do in Topanga!









Rebecca Catterall


email: rebeccacatter@yahoo.com


phone: 310-455-2720