Carole Spence



I am a gladly transplanted Texan who sees full time painting as a reward for a forty year career in public education.

Most frequently, gardens, whether formal or accidental, are the bases for my work. I select plants or flowers for their visual energy and personality, often placing a small specimen on a large canvas so it receives the attention I believe it deserves. Most of my “models” are from Pacific Palisades or other local areas.

My images are joyful, celebratory, and life affirming. They are never intended as literal interpretations, but as exuberant and/or dignified presentations from garden spaces that might be overlooked in our busy lives.

I work in acrylics applied in multiple layers to achieve the vibrant colors.

For information on the paintings above please visit my website New images are announced on my Facebook page as they become available.

phone: 310-459-1206